Custom-made storage cabinets and furniture

Although design is an important criterion in the personality of a home, its functionality and ergonomics remain at the center of its priorities.

The design of integrated furniture, completely custom-made and planned according to the available space, makes it possible for every part of a piece to be cost-effective, while adding an eye-catching look.

Choose the design of a walk-in closet, a wall cabinet, or a piece of furniture made to measure for the living room or the office, always obtaining a desired design and an exclusive result.

Storage solutions that combine style and functionality

M Cuisines works hand in hand with the best Italian entrepreneurs in interior designers in order to offer Quebec clientele a varied and unique choice.

Kico, a renowned manufacturer specializing in custom furniture design and integrated storage solutions, is completely reinventing the functionality and use of space.

Leading innovation, Kico combines the practical with the enjoyable while offering modern design, advanced technology, and an array of customized accessories to create unique, contemporary storage spaces which, above all, match the existing decor .

Wall unit, shelf, wardrobe, table and desk, accessory furniture; the possibilities are endless.

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